Alps Mountaineering Taurus 2 Tent Review


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    ​High level of durability
    Great all-rounder
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    ​Fairly good weather protection
    Outstanding comfort and weight distribution
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    ​​Good ventilation and temperature control
    Outstanding comfort and weight distribution
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    ​Lightweight yet large enough for 2 people
    Doubles as a daypack
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    ​Easy to transport
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    ​Free standing and easy to setup


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    ​Velcro gets in the way of the zipper sometimes
    Extra padding makes the Aether super comfortable but also heavier than some packs
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    ​Area of the tent that does not have the weather fly is fairly thin

​​In this Alps Mountaineering Taurus 2 Tent Review, we discover ​a great value 2-person tent that ​meets most of the standards you would expect from a ​budget backpacking tent. Most importantly,  it has more than enough room for 2 people, it’s durable, fairly comfortable, and it keeps Mother Nature at bay.

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​​​​​​​​​​​​​Alps Mountaineering Taurus 2 Tent Review - Key Features

​Two Doors

This simple feature can make a cramped camping experience much more enjoyable. ​Two doors means you don’t have to ​climb over ​your friend evry time you want to ​leave or enter the tent.

​Mesh Panels

The Alps Mountaineering Taurus 2 Tent comes with two mesh panels for ventilation. They can be closed when it is really windy and unneeded, or they can be left open for those really hot summer nights - there's nothing worse than a sweaty tent!

​Two Poles

It is pretty convenient that the​ Taurus 2 Tent can be set up using only two poles. At the same time, this tent is also free standing.

​Weather Fly

This tent features a great wind proof, rain proof, and UV resistant fly for added protection. The weatherproof fly extends out past the doors to create a ​small awning.

​Factory Sealed Seams

The Alps Mountaineering Taurus 2 Tent comes with really great factory sealed seams on the floor and the weather fly, ensuring great protection from wind and rain, plus moisture from the ground too.

​Large size for 2-person tent

This tent comes in at 5 x 7.6 feet, making it more than large enough to fit 2 people comfortably.


This tent comes with both a gear loft and mesh storage pockets so you can keep your gear ​close by in easily findable pockets.

​​Alps Mountaineering Taurus 2 Tent Review


One of the things that really stands out to us about the Alps Mountaineering Taurus 2 Tent is the fact that it only weighs around 6 pounds. All in all, it is a pretty lightweight tent.

No, it might not be the lightest of all tents out there, but it does also come with a good mix of versatility, durability, and a good size too. It’s pretty easy to carry around in your camping pack due to its lightweight design. This also helps make it much easier to set this tent up and take it back down.


Something else that we personally like about this particular tent is that it has a good size. Most 2 person tents can’t really fit 2 people with all that much comfort, but as far as we can tell, that is not the case here at all. This bad boy comes in at 5 feet by 7 feet and 6 inches.

Sure, it won’t fit 2 giants, but it can definitely fit 2 average sized or even fairly large people. In all reality, it should be more than big enough to fit you and a friend, plus a bunch of gear too. All of that being said the Alps Mountaineering Taurus 2 Tent does fold down nicely into a neat little package, making it quite good in terms of transportation.

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All in all, the Alps Mountaineering Taurus 2 Tent is in our opinion one of the more durable options out there right now. The reinforced factory seams make sure that all of the parts stay together and don’t leak.

The tent poles are made of shock corded fiber glass, which is always nice to see. T​he Taurus also comes with a really durable weatherproof polyester fly, plus a really nice taffeta floor too. ​Everything from the zippers to the weather fly is fairly durable.

Design and Ventilation

We like the design of this tent as well. First off, the dual doors do really make it a lot easier in terms of getting in and out of the tent. It is nice to be able to get in and out from either end without stumbling over the other person.

Next, we do also like how this thing comes with a gear loft and mesh pockets. No, you won’t be able to fit all of your gear inside ​the Taurus 2, but it certainly has more room than comparitive tents.​

The mesh windows are pretty convenient. The mesh is ​nice and sturdy​, plus the “windows” can be opened or closed depending on the weather. It’s pretty effective for temperature control​, too.

Weather Protection

The Alps Mountaineering Taurus 2 Tent has ​a decent level of weather protection. The high quality polyester fly keeps out the wind, rain, and other elements too. It actually extends down over the doors, forming a nice protective awning.

At the same time, all of the factory seams ensure that no liquid or cold air gets in at those seams. Also, the taffeta floor is pretty good at keeping moisture and cool air from the ground exactly where it is supposed to be.

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​Alps Mountaineering Ta​urus 2 Review - How Does It Compare?

​Another leading product in the backpacking tent category is the Hillman Outdoor Camping Tent (link to Amazon). ​Let's take a quick look.

​​While the ​​Hillman is certainly a bit roomier ​than ​the Taurus, the jury's out on the Hillman's build quality. ​​With that said, it does have better weather protection, waterproofing, and heat retention. 

Indeed, the Hillman is a 4 season tent, whereas the Taurus is not built for such cold weather. On the other hand, the Taurus ​is easier to set up.

We also think it is has a better shape, it has better storage, and is a little more convenient overall. We would say that the Taurus is best for causal camping whereas the Hillman is best for hardcore campers.

​Trail End

​​​Besides a couple of minor drawbacks, the Alps Mountaineering Taurus 2 Tent is a ​great choice for the budget backpacker​. You check out the latest pice on Amazon here

It has plenty of space for two people and accompanying gear, is fairly durable, well ventilated, and pretty decent in terms of weather protection too. It might not be the very best option for a more serious long-term camping trip (thru-hikers stay away) but more than good enough for a few days. =ZIP=

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