Asolo Avalon GTX Review

This Asolo Avalon GTX review uncovers a pair of men's hiking boots at the forefront of outdoor footwear. From the sleek design and attractive finish, to the well thought out features that provide both comfort and long term durability,  the Avalon can only be described as a high end hiking boot built for high end outdoor enthusiasts. Amateurs need not apply! We're kidding, of course, but serioulsy - these boots aren't cheap.

They're not perfect however, so read on to discover exactly what we did and did not like about the Asolo Avalon GTX.

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  • check
    ​Extremely durable
    Great all-rounder
  • check
    ​​​Very comfortable
    Outstanding comfort and weight distribution
  • check
    ​​High level of traction
    Doubles as a daypack
  • check
    ​Good amount of support
  • check
    ​​Great stability
  • check
    Easy to lace up


  • times-rectangle
    ​A little heavy
    Extra padding makes the Aether super comfortable but also heavier than some packs
  • times-rectangle
    ​Not totally waterproof
  • times-rectangle
    Breathability could be better

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Asolo Avalon GTX Review - Key Features

​The Asolo Avalon GTX comes with a number of key features that make it one of the better options out there right now. It’s a fairly durable ​hiking boot that's been built for comfort, stability, protection, and for long-lasting performance. ​Here's the key features​ you should know about:

Anatomic Foot Bed

One of the things that stands out here is the anatomically designed foot bed. These boots are made to hug your feet, provide you with good support, and be comfortable no matter how long you have them on for.

Asolo Sensor Sole

The sole on the Asolo Avalon GTX Boot is made with special materials that are made to be long lasting, provide awesome traction, and be fairly flexible too.

Suede Upper

The upper of this boot is made with real suede, which makes it look very nice. At the same time, the upper of this shoe is water resistant, plus it holds heat in fairly well.

High Tenacity Nylon

Much of this particular boot features high-tenacity nylon in its construction. This material is really tough and durable, plus it does a decent job at keeping water out too.


Due to the special construction of the Asolo Avalon GTX Boot, the weight is kept to a minimal in order to allow you to wear them for a long time and travel distances without getting tired.

EVA Insole

The high-density EVA mid-sole and heel sole is pretty good when it comes to impact absorption and support. 

​​​Asolo Avalon GTX Review - ​Our ​Verdict


​We love the design of the Asolo Avalon GTX ​ - it combines simplicity, convenience and sex-appeal in just the right quantities. ​ ​​Not only do they look great, ​but they're large-volume boots as well, adding to the comfortable experience of wearing them for long periods during lengthy hikes. ​Plus, there's ​more than enough room inside ​so you can add an insole or wear some really thick socks. ​


The Asolo Avalon GTX Boot is built with ​modern and lightweight materials. Now, keep in mind that the boot is ​fairly large - while it is comparatively lightweight, when looking at other boots of the same size, it is kind of heavy still.

It does feature some materials which have been used to help cut down on the weight of this boot, but due to its large size, it still has a fair amount of weight to it. No, it’s not the heaviest boot in the world, but it is certainly not the lightest either.


One thing that we really like about the Asolo Avalon GTX Boot is that it has great traction. It features an outer sole made with rubber, EVA, and a PU film. We don’t want to get too much into the scientific details here, but the tread on this boot is designed to really catch on whatever ​surface you need it to.

It is rigid and durable enough to stay in one piece over some rough terrain, but flexible enough to allow for some great traction. The tread is built deep to allow you to walk on uneven and slippery surfaces and hold your ground.

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Stability and Comfort

Overall, the Asolo Avalon ​is a fairly comfortable boot. It is made with an anatomically designed foot bed that provides your arches with the support you need for long distance and pain-free ​hiking.

At the same time, the EVA insole is pretty soft - more than soft enough to keep you comfortable, plus it does a great job at absorbing the impact from walking on hard surfaces. The shoe can be done up pretty tight, plus the nice board helps with stability and comfort quite a bit.


One thing that we have to say about the Asolo Avalon ​is that it is not overly breathable. Now, it is made to be very tough, durable, and water resistant, all qualities which we like. However, when it comes to breathability, these boots are not the best. Your feet might get a little hot and sweaty in them.

Lacing, Soles, and Toe Protection

As we mentioned before, both the insoles and the outer soles are designed for comfort and long-lasting durability. The exterior provides for good traction and stability while the interior is designed for comfort and impact absorption.

Plus, there is no problem with lacing the Asolo Avalon ​. They feature nice little metal lace loops and durably built laces. In terms of toe protection, the front of this boot features an added layer of rubber for some extra protection.

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​​Asolo Avalon GTX Boot Review - How Does It Compare?

​Another ​leading pair of men's hiking boots ​- and comparable in terms of price and quality - is the Zamberlan Mens Yeren GTX RR Hiking Boots.

In fact, two things that might better about the Zamberlan Yeren than the Asolo Avalon is that they have advanced toe and heel protection, while also being a bit more waterproof.

They are also fairly durable, but not quite as durable as the Asolo boots. At the same time, the Zamberlan boots seem to be a little better in terms of comfort and breathability.  

​Trail End

​Summing up, this ​Asolo Avalon GTX Boot review showed a pair of hiking boots at the top of their game, as it were. No, ​they're not the lightest or most breathable boots around, so take that into consideration. For example, casual day hikers should probably look elsewhere

​The Avalon is made for comfort, stability, and durability, or in other words, it’s a great boot for long distance hiking where comfort and support are important features to have. 

It’s a nice looking and versatile boot, but it is a teeny bit heavy. Other than a couple of minor drawbacks, we think that the Asolo Avalon GTX Boot is one of the best around. =ZIP=

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